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Google Geofencing Ads

Each campaign can be geo-fenced by country, state, DMA, Metro, Zip Code, and radius. This means that you can set your fence to include only consumers within a one-mile radius. Sometimes consumer behaviors change, or local locations might come and go, but that’s okay. We anticipate the need to change your geofencing strategy according to how the consumer landscape is altered. We keep current on marketing and consumer trends, so that your ad campaign can always reflect what your customers need or want the most.

Is geofencing marketing legal?

And it's perfectly legal? Although some have been quick to liken hospital geofencing to “virtual ambulance chasing,” the American Bar Association does not make this comparison, and there are no laws prohibiting its use.

Geofencing is one of several targeting methods and it sometimes gets confused with geotargeting. While both fall into the wider group of location-based marketing strategies, there’s a slight difference. Fashion retailers are among many businesses that use geotargeting very effectively. The larger fashion retailers operate on a global scale, therefore it is crucial to display relevant products according to the user’s location. If you were a retailer selling fan gear, you could target a mile radius around the center of a college campus with search and display campaigns.

Geofencing in Google Ads

Geofencing marketing takes hyper-local targeting to a whole new level, especially as more consumers are finding more businesses online than ever before. Location-based marketing creates a unique opportunity for advertisers and marketers to reach consumers based on specific places they visit. With geofencing, advertisers can create and target audiences through custom targeting shapes with remarkable precision. In the Locations section, specify a particular location for your target users.

Google Geofencing Ads

Last I checked, no business is a fit for every single human on earth, so you need to select at least some form of geotargeting—even if it’s as broad as it can get. But there are additional benefits to geotargeting that we also want to parse out. For a Lawyer or Law Firm, this type of targeting can be very helpful if you’re running display ads around a hospital.

How to Set Up a Geofence

We maximize your geofencing marketing strategy by developing sub-audiences in your target audience. Our team uses several factors, including demographics and location, to build a series of audiences. With increased audience data, we can enhance your geofencing campaign further, resulting in more leads, conversions, and revenue. For assistance in thinking through some advertising strategies using one of our many tools to reach customers on mobile devices be sure to reach out today.

  • This allows marketers to focus their activities in locations where they are certain of getting a high ROI.
  • A geofence refers to a virtual fence, like an invisible dog fence.
  • Let’s learn more about what geofence advertising is, how it works, and what the benefits are.
  • It allows businesses to access the exact location of mobile users, allowing them to display an advertisement to people in a particular area at a specific time.
  • From there, simply select the radius to target that exact location .
  • Let’s discuss the different kinds of geofencing advertisements you can use to target your audience.

If preferred, you can use the ‘Drop Pin’ feature to choose an exact location on a map interface. Alternatively, you can expand your radius beyond 1 mile to target an entire city or town, or you can exclude locations from your campaign, such as an area of a city you don’t want to target.

Google Ads Geofencing

With your ads, you can show users that you’re the solution to their problem. If you’re an SMB, geofencing advertising can also take your business to the next level. If they want to attract more dental leads, they can use competitor geofencing advertising to advertise to specific areas, like maybe a suburban neighborhood, to attract new patients. 10% seems pretty reasonable, I’ve rarely been able to get more accuracy than that when targeting geographic areas smaller than country much lower than 10%. You could try excluding all areas other than your target area (i.e. 49 states and some counties, if you’re targeting one city) but that might not have much of an impact. Google search is usually more accurate than search partners for geographic accuracy of referred users. For starters, remember we already agreed that location targeting and reporting aren’t perfect.

Google Geofencing Ads

When you sign-in to your Google Ads Account, you first want to open the campaign that you want to edit. Then, you can click on Settings, then click on Locations, and you can edit your Location Targeting for your campaign. It is a simple process, and we have a video below that will help you learn more about Location Targeting. Bid adjustments help you to customize your original keyword bid accordingly. If you have multiple regions selected, they’ll all appear on a list, and you can zoom out the map to view all.

Improve Digital Advertising ROI

He has over 15 years of experience planning, designing, developing, deploying, and marketing websites and mobile applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You can set the radius by miles or kilometers around a location, say your shop or office. But, once the event is over, you can send a different advertisement, say for an upcoming concert. So, unlike most traditional marketing channels, geofencing offers extremely flexible personalization options. When a customer enters Location A, you can target them with the desired advertisement. When the same customer goes to Location B, your geofencing parameters will recognize their visit as an offline conversion.

It could be that either the serve side or the report side just happens to be incorrect. Everybody has to set their own tolerance as far as what percentage of spend is acceptable to lose to these inaccuracies. If yours is a lot lower than that you probably have unreasonable expectations. Regardless, here’s my best answer to a recent questions from on the Google Advertiser Community. Google search has literally milliseconds to collect all of the information that it can about both the buy side and the sell side of the search query interaction.

How to use SEO and PPC to Increase B2B Website Traffic

Granted, many of those people won’t click the ad, so it won’t really cost us anything on a pay per click basis. However, lack of clicks will lead Google to give our ads fewer impressions. A simple and straightforward way to find your ideal customer is to geofence your competitors. By serving highly targeted ads to users you know are in the market for your products or services, you’ll have the chance to convince consumers to make the switch to your business over another.

  • If you have set your budget to be limited per day, you may have already used it up by the time you try and view your ads.
  • As we focus on performance-driven strategies, we’re focusing on driving high-value traffic to your company.
  • If you notice keywords from outside your target locations are triggering your ads, exclude these keywords by clicking the check box next to them, then selecting Add as a negative keyword.
  • Geofencing allows advertisers to identify specific location targets with the goal of reaching people in those locations.
  • From PPC to SEO, and everything in between, we will key in on pertinent KPIs and metrics to gather hard data month-over-month and year-over-year to guarantee quantifiable results.
  • We’re all entrepreneurs who’ve each started and sold several companies.

Geotargeting is a form of targeting by location that lets your ads only appear to customers in a certain physical place, or set of places, that you specify. Pro Tip – Navigate to your campaign settings to ensure that your targeting is set to include users in your specified area only.

Then, anyone who is searching for your keyword (“deep dish pizza”) within that radius will see your ad. For example, if a company is having a big sale and wants to make potential clients aware, they can set up a push notification for whenever the client enters the geofence. The more users who select a branded filter, the higher chances of increased brand awareness in the area. The Global Geofencing Market has a projected compound annual growth rate of 27%, with analysts predicting that the market size will reach $2.3 billion by 2023. According to a February 2021 Global Geofencing report, North America is currently dominating geofencing efforts. Leaders in the industry include U.S.-based software companies like Apple and Thumbvista, as well as Dataxu, Factual, GroundTruth, and Placed. ManagedLet our team of marketing experts generate real business results and manage campaigns for you.

Can I do geofencing myself?

Try receiving geofencing notifications yourself first before implementing the Plot Plugin into your app. All you need to do is create a location based notification in the Plot Dashboard and download our demo app 'Geofencing by PlotProjects' for Android or iOS and you are ready to go.

The platform allows you to target the same locations in the same way all of the platforms mentioned above do which allows you to target a very specific audience demographically and geographically. It also allows you to do radius and longitude and latitude targeting. Instagram has the functionality to add a location to a post so when a user searches for a location, your post can be seen by anyone searching the location as a hashtag. Posts with a tagged location achieve nearly 80% higher engagement rates than posts without.

This later gain can help your business expand its team of developers, which can make it possible for your company to develop additional features for your software. You may even develop another software application to expand your services and revenue channels. When it comes to geofencing advertising, any company can benefit. As a part of the campaign, titled #WhopperDetour, Burger King encouraged diners to go or drive by a McDonald’s and open the Burger King mobile app. Once users completed this part of the step, they received a deal that allowed them to order a Whopper sandwich at the nearest Burger King for a penny.

  • If users opted to check-in to a historical location, such as the White House, they’d see additional information on the location.
  • This is a best practice with local PPC so your viewers know right off the bat that you cater to their location.
  • Maybe, for example, you learn that many users come from a town that your SEO strategy doesn’t target.
  • There’s a high likelihood that a concentrated portion of that population has an interest in your product, just based upon where they are physically.

Next Level Marketing uses GPS technology and barometric air pressure to pinpoint people’s locations. Once the geofence is created, your dominance in the area is established. For example, your business can set a boundary near your physical storefront where you wish to target customers. Jena leads our search engine optimization efforts and is responsible for whether Google favors our clients in their organic search results. Jena came to Bullseye Google Geofencing Ads with over 9 years of SEO experience and has managed everything from keyword research to technical site audits and enterprise-level cutovers with successful outcomes. Chris has worked with Bullseye Strategy since the beginning in 2009, ultimately joining the team full time in 2019. Chris owns and maintains a strong relationship with Google, ensuring our clients gain early access to beta tests and top-notch support from their team.

When you’re using geofencing to encourage in-person visits, the rule of thumb is to ensure that your customer is only a five-minute walk away from your store. This way they’re more likely to take action on your ad, and you’ll see a better return on ad spend . Combining geofencing capabilities with third-party audience data available in programmatic display is a great way to get efficient CPMs and CPAs on local leads. Geofencing also enables you to target prospects who have visited your competitor’s locations. For example, as a new health food restaurant, you may choose to target people who live in your city and have visited one of the vegetarian establishments in your area. Especially if you are a business for whom some store visits are much more profitable than others.

Google Geofencing Ads

This is where you will find the option to target specific geographic areas. Target events and broader locations using Google’s required minimum one-mile radius.

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